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We are online!  An e-Learning classroom that is everywhere you are when you have a laptop, computer or tablet. One of the few schools where YOU MAKE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!

Our flexible learning plan allows the student to schedule their classes and finish the 90-hour course requirement at their own pace, in their own time frame! During our hours of operation, students can drop in and take their courses in our classroom…

No hassles, no set schedules, no pressing deadlines .. learn at your own pace and succeed!

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Real estate sales is the path to financial freedom and to a better lifestyle for many professionals who are tired of the hum-drum of a cubicle and task master lording over them on a daily basis!

With today’s hectic lifestyles it can be difficult to find the time and to find a program that will allow for the flexibility one needs to get the education and make the changes necessary to move onto a different and more successful path.

We’ve heard the plea for help and we offer a learning environment that is the ultimate in flexibility and gives our students the ability to learn at your own pace.

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At US Realty University you learn on your own time in a classroom setting but online. You’ll be in a professional environment with an experienced real estate broker and a staff of experts ready and willing to answer your questions and eager to help you grow, flourish and succeed as you learn the skills necessary to become licensed and successful as a real estate sales professional.

Other classes ram students through a rigorous scheduled designed to force them into a set routine .. essentially trading one task master for another. However, with the US Realty University and our unique eLearning Education system, students make their own schedule.

 The Time to Act is Now!

The time to act is now! Don’t wait any longer. No more regrets, no more procrastination, the path to a new and brighter future with a better income and a better quality of life is just around the corner and US Realty University is here to help guide the way.

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Arizona Pre-Licensing

Programs of Study:

The Real Estate Salesperson pre-license course, entitled Principles of Real Estate, is presented in a proprietary multi-media format. This format combines interactive computer learning, a comprehensive textbook and guidance from an approved instructor.

When enrolling, you may schedule attendance according to your preference.  As a student at US Realty University in the eLearning classroom, you may complete the 90-hour course requirement in as little as ten business days or as long as one year.

Our program is extremely flexible; you can start on any day and attend classes according to your timetable.

Classes Starting at a Computer Near You!

US Realty University lets you work anywhere you have a computer or tablet and WiFi connection!   Want to relax at your local coffee shop and put in a class?  Okay!  Relaxing by the pool on the weekend?  No problem!

Important Notes:

You may begin the Real Estate Salesperson pre-license program on any day, however, reservations are recommended.  You may complete only two sessions per day.


Tuition as low as $395!  Course study guide, test guide, sample tests and text book are all included!

Requirements for the Arizona Real Estate Sales Persons License

Complete the 90-hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-license course. Completion means that you have attended each of the 18 sessions at least once. You may take up to one year to complete the course.

Pass the school exam with at least a 80% overall. If you do not pass initially, you are required to take additional exams until you pass successfully.

Pass the Arizona State Exam. Upon passing the school exam, you will be issued the Real Estate Candidate Handbook that contains instructions necessary to apply for the Arizona State Exam. Additional information is available at www.pearsonvue.com or by calling 1-888-204-6291 Monday-Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to register for the exam.

Cost of the Arizona State Exam is $75.  Prior to activating your license, you are required to take a six-hour contract writing course before the state will issue your license.

The contract writing course is separate from the 90-hour pre-licensing course and does not require any additional testing.  This course also counts towards the 24-hour continuing education requirement that licensees must fulfill every two years.

We schedule the contract writing course twice each month and the tuition is $40.  After passing the State Exam, you have one year to activate your license.  Fees for the initial salesperson license are as follows:

  • $75.00 license fee for a two-year period to expire on the last day of the month of issuance.  $10.00 fee to go towards Real Estate Recovery Fund.  Total cost to initiate salesperson’s license is approximately $85.00.
  • All licensee applicants must provide with their applications a Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The issuance of the card can take from 4 to 6 weeks and the Fingerprint Clearance card fee is $69.00.